Why Your Business Needs Preventive Law

Why Your Business Needs Preventive Law

Sowing seeds. Preventive Law Miller Miller MentheLaw firms need to be in the business of preventing litigation, not defending it.  We believe in the old adage of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Whether you are speaking of vehicle maintenance or contracts, being able to prevent the worst case scenario is far better than cleaning up after it.  When your business retains an attorney in the beginning and consults regularly with contracts and other operational matters, you are maintaining your business and strengthening it to prevent common incidents that so many others face because they did not have the foresight to engage in proactive measures.  It is far more expensive to defend a litigation or litigate than to write a contract correctly the first time or to have the right insurance coverage for your business.

Businesses today face so many more federal and state statutes than those of previous generations, and must not only navigate a plethora of state and local codes, regulations, and laws, but also the ever-watchful eye of the IRS.  When you work with business attorneys from the beginning, you have the confidence of knowing that there is someone knowledgeable on your side should you be audited, questioned, or solicited.  A skilled legal firm is there for you from beginning to end, and will do its best to ensure that your business you worked so hard to bring to life is protected.

Preventive Law helps your business plan ahead — and prepare

While foresight is critical to success, should the worst case scenario happen, having an attorney who understands the situation fully and is engaged can go far to creating an alternative dispute process that avoids litigation, such as mediation or arbitration. That’s why when you work with us at Miller Miller Menthe LLP, we provide strong legal representation and counsel to each and every client, large or small. We defend our clients from fraud and misrepresentation, and we pursue your rights when you’ve been abused. Whether it’s building a long term relationship or being available for outside general counsel, be sure your business is prepared for the unexpected!





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